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 1. Striving For Perfection

 2. Knuckleheadz

 3. Knowledge God

 4. Criminology

 5. Incarcerated Scarfaces

 6. Rainy Dayz

 7. Guillotine (Swordz)

 8. Can It Be All So Simple (Remix)

 9. Ice Water

10. Glaciers Of Ice

11. Verbal Intercourse

12. Wisdom Body

13. Spot Rusherz

14. Ice Cream

15. Wu-Gambinos

16. Heaven And Hell 

17. North Star (Jewels)





Hard to believe it has been 20 years since "The Purple Tape" dropped back in '95. We couldn't let this one slide by without paying homage. Continuing with tradition we had to break out some old tricks. United Crates took it upon himself to mine all the OG samples and blend those with all the OG beats. These are the real instrumentals too, not one of those bootlegs with the open part of the song looped.  

Post and tag #OB4CL20 and #TheLinxstrumentals to help us find you and repost.


We even took it a bit further and created "The Purple Pack" capsule. Be sure to click the link below and order yours before they are ghostface.

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