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All Respect Due




Mista Pigz (Fword Records) and The Vinylcologist (Drop Science) team up to bring us this Bang Bap 90's time capsule that features originality and insight with that good ol upstate flair.


We were originally going to make a package out of this CD, but the demand for the cd was too heavy and we had to get them out.

Shipping immediately.

Click that link at the top, center of the page. 


On site Release Date: (8.22.15) 


1. Heavy Cream

2. Cratecreeps feat. Vinylcologist and Animal Cracker

3. So Money

4. C.R.I.M.E. feat Don Smog

5. Pineapple Express feat. J. Dubb

6. Skimask feat. Shyste

7. Dinner At The Apollo

8. What's Ya Beef? feat Juicemega

9. I.R.Essence

10. Reinventing The Classic feat. El Da Sensei

11. Bump It In Ya Speaker

12. Straightblade

13. Needle To the Wax feat. Dead Wrong

14. Beer Run

15. Stoutouts

16. Reinventing The Classic Remix feat El Da Sensei (Bonus)






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